About Us

Electrician in Fort Johnson, NY (Serves the rest of Montgomery County & beyond)

We are a team of professional and skilled expert electricians. We offer a wide range of services, and at the same time, we are always glad to help you with any unconventional electrical needs:

Quality work at a fair price. Professional, friendly service.

What JME Electric LLC classifies as a service expert?
Service expert is not only highly trained professional in their field; they are so much more.
A service expert will find the answer to a problem even if they have never encountered it firsthand.
A service expert is not only clean and efficient, but they are also fully equipped with the right tools for the job and focused.
A service expert has the customer’s safety and comfort at heart.
A service expert will take the time to not only provide a solution to the main problem at hand but also take the time to bring all concerns to you.

Here at JME. Electric LLC, we take pride in being service experts. At JME Electric LLC, we treat you, your family, and your house like it were our own.